Thursday, October 4, 2012

This week I have been mostly...! For the last week of the holidays a small group from school headed down to Australia's beautiful Snowy Mountains. I had never been fly fishing before, but was in the presence of some very experienced anglers who did their best to sort me out. Not many trout were caught (3, as opposed to 95 at the same time last year, apparently due to some weather issues), but I was enjoying being in such a fantastic landscape, standing in pristine streams. Sadly we came home yesterday, half way through the trip we had planned. Probably due to some passing jerk tossing a cigarette out of a car window a grass fire ripped through our campsite yesterday when we were off for the morning fishing. We arrived back and leapt into action putting out spot fires, then surveyed the devastation. Four tents (including mine, naturally) were reduced to pools of burnt plastic and metal. I didn't lose too much, mainly some clothes I liked and sleeping bag etc, but one poor bloke lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment. The upside of course was that nobody was hurt, and the boys behaved fantastically well, but it was a long and depressing afternoon clearing up the debris and heading home.

Moral: If you must feckin' smoke, put the feckin' thing out before you feckin' chuck it out a car window.

I did, however, return to good news. Check this out:
Yeeeees! The next SAGA supplement, due out in mid November. Note the Irish Wolfhounds. While we wait, the Gripping Beasts have put out another set of swords for hire - the Gall-Geidhil (Sons of Death), who look very nasty indeed.


  1. There are too many idiots in the world. Sorry they ruined your trip.

    Funnily enough I was driving to the club yesterday and - your post has reminded me - three separate people threw cigarettes out of the window (you can see the little orange glow) on the way. Of course, no-one can start a fire that way in soggy England but it shows their general disregard for anyone else.

    Even those that bother to stub out a ciggy in the car simply dump the contents of their ashtray at the side of the road.

  2. Smoking truly is a scummy habit!

    But looking forward to the next Saga boards.

  3. That is balls. Glad to hear everyone is okay, though - wildfires can turn on you way too quickly.


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