Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tamsin's Paras Drop In!

I was completely knackered at work today, thanks to the twins and a head cold. Fell asleep on the bus, completely forgot to go to a tutorial lesson, generally feeling sorry for myself.

However...the day brightened up after third period when I check my pigeon hole and found a package from the UK. Inside was the squad of Bolt Action British Paras that Tamsin painted up for me after I was lucky enough to win a competition on her blog.
I particularly love the way she wrapped each of them up. It felt like Christmas. The figures look fantastic - even better 'in the pewter' as they did on her blog. I'll base them up so they fit in with the rest of my army then post pics of the end result.

Thanks Tamsin!


  1. You're welcome Dux! :)

    Glad you like them and that their arrival cheered you up. I'm looking forward to seeing them based up.

    Strange coincidence - I've just gone down with a miserable head cold as well.

  2. Lucky man in deed. What a great surprise on an otherwise nasty day.

  3. Good girl! I follwoed her blog's posts while painting the figures and she really took a lot a of care.

  4. Now that would make for a great day.

  5. That time of year for the colds,but what a great way to be cheered up.Well done on the win!


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